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  • Are We Over-Vaccinating?

    Thu Oct 20 17:38:20 EDT 2011 by: JR Tag: "News" 

    Are we over-vaccinating our pets?  Over the last few years, pet owners, veterinarians, researchers, and manufacturers have all been asking this question.  And, we may not know all the answers right now.  But, we'll talk about a few key point (read more)
  • Purchasing Heartworm Preventative

    Thu Oct 20 17:36:11 EDT 2011 by: BH Tag: "News" 

    Why should you purchase your pet's heartworm preventative from a veterinarian instead of an internet pharmacy?

    There is a very, very simple answer!  The pharmaceutical companies that make heartworm preventatives will guarantee their products wh (read more)